The luxury of owning properties

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The luxury of owning properties

It is seen as a luxury to have a property which you can rent out. To be able to rent out a property it should be yours first of all. Your name should be on the deed. If you have the luxury to invest in a property my advice would always be: do it! It is never a bad idea to invest in property.
You might be moving in with your partner, or the apartment across the street is for sale. These are all scenarios when it becomes possible to buy a property to rent out after.

Renting out vs Selling

When you have this property, you have two choices. Rent out or sell. My advice would be to rent out. I mean, think about it. When you sell you will have a big chunk of money in one time. You might be able to pay off a part of your new mortgage with it, or start renovating. If you rent your apartment you will always have a passive income. And you don’t even have to do anything for it! This is if you get a rental agency to look for the tenants and a property management to arrange everything else. Of course you can do this yourself if you want to.

Property in Amsterdam

I have had the luxury of having a property to rent out in the city Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I moved away a long time ago but wanted to have this passive income I mentioned. When being oversees it is almost impossible to arrange tenants of have something fixed. That is why I searched for rental agency Amsterdam and a property management Amsterdam. This way I am sure of the fact that my place is taken care of and so are my tenants. I am still very happy with


To sum up this blog, if you have the luxury to keep a property, definitely rent it out! No one will tell you that investing in property is a bad idea. There will always be someone who will want to live in your property. Especially in busy cities like Amsterdam, where living spaces are scarce, and people always want to live. It is also an investment for the future, maybe a house for you kids to get settled in.

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